ProPlayer Demo

ProPlayer Demo

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- Diktate wiedergeben/abspielen
- USB Fußschalter Anbindung
- Anbindung an Enterprise Express™
- Anbindung an ProDictate
- Unterstützt Windows 10 und 7
- Bei der Demosoftware ist die Laufzeit auf 30 Tage beschränkt

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ProPlayer Demo is a desktop application for playing-back Windows audio files. The integrated security solution offers an RSA encryption for created dictates. Certificates and private RSA keys are managed in a key storage in ProPlayer. By binding the RSA key to the email address and entering the password, a two factor authentication is realized. The play-back of the loaded audio file is controlled by the connected USB foot pedal.


ProPlayer loads all driver drivers so that no other drivers need to be installed in the system by the user.
Playback of RSA encrypted dictations.
With the ProPlayer Demo version, the runtime is limited to 30 days.

- Online Download
- License Key
- Manual

Among others, following features are available:
- Play-back of dictations
- Rewind, fast-forward, stop
- Adjustable play-back speed
- Adjustable Volume
- Hardware support (USB foot pedal)
- Suitable for Citrix XenApp and Windows Terminal
- Supports Igel and Stratodesk thin clients

To use ProPlayer, the .NET Framework 4.7 must be installed on PC. 

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