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Hier finden Sie professionelle Soft- und Hardware für Ihren PC und vieles mehr.
Find professional hardware and software for your PC and much more.
Dictation Microphone, Digital Portable Recorders, Footcontrol, Headphones, More...
ProDictate mobile, ProPlayer, ProRecorder, ProReport, More...


Dictation software

The program allows you to make voice notes or to record dictation. The program records the sounds from a dictation device or from a microphone.


ProRecorder provides interfaces to external applications and assists you in increasing your profitability.

New Foot Pedal...

Foot Pedal

Foot pedal for current dictation devices for freehand use of tabletop units. Features: Play, Stop, Pause.




Models for serial- and USB-interfaces as well as for game ports are available.


ProDictate mobile

secure dictate



The dictation ProDictate mobile now allows sending encrypted dictations. The unprotected stranger access to security data is no longer possible.


New Headphone...


Our headphones for current dictation systems. For recording- and playback-devices with 3.5 mm plug sockets.



The soft headband cushion provides a longer wear.

SpeechMike Air

mobile dictation device


Wireless dictation microphone with control buttons

The SpeechMike Air is the perfection of the world's leading professional dictation microphone. The PC microphone to dictate a new dimension in the workplace, without being restricted by a cable.