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Dictating with ProRecorder


Our application enables you to make voice-notes or to record dictations. Hereby the application records sound coming from a microphone or a stationary dictation device which is connected to the sound card. The result can be saved in various formats.

ProRecorder is a desktop application for audio recording on MS-Windows systems.

Operating Systems:
- Microsoft® Windows® XP
- Microsoft® Windows® Server 2000
- Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003

Among others, following features are provided:
- addition of dictation informations
- insertions into an existing dictation
- deletion of parts of an audio file
- adjustment of play-back volume
- hardware support (HandMic, PowerMic,SpeechMic®)
- type-adjustment or type-conversion of audio files
- saving as WAV-file by default

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PowerMic II

digital dictation device


Das neue stationäres USB Diktiersystem, mit dem es möglich ist, mittels Handmikrofon mit hervorragenden Klangqualität und Funktionalität für effizientes Diktieren am PC Diktate zu erstellen. Das PowerMic II® Handmikrofon mit programmierbaren Tasten, die vom Anwender mit Funktionen hinterlegt werden können. Die eingebaute USB Soundkarte bietet höchste Audioqualität für Diktataufnahme und Spracherkennung.


SpeechMike Air

mobile dictation device


Wireless dictation microphone with control buttons

The SpeechMike Air is the perfection of the world's leading professional dictation microphone. The PC microphone to dictate a new dimension in the workplace, without being restricted by a cable.